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 3G (God’s Great Gang)
Kids club for primary age children
First Tuesday in the month 4-6pm during term time


Creche – for 0-3’s during the morning service.

You are welcome to stay with your child/children in the service, but if you feel they are getting too fractious, a creche is staffed and provided with toys, where you can take them. The audio of the service is ‘piped’ into the room, should you wish/need to stay with them.

Beginners – For 3-5 year olds who are beginning to find out about Jesus

All children are included in the main service for the first 15/20 mins. After that, the ‘Beginners’ enjoy singing, listening to Bible stories, learning to pray, colouring, craft & toys!

Our room is next to the main church so if your child needs you we can easily find you!

Beginners Leader: Mel Thwaites

Discoverers Leader: Margaret Riddell
‘Discoverers’ are 5-11 year olds who are discovering more about Jesus.
We join together in the main church for the first 15/20 minutes before we come into our group.
We enjoy some lively worship, learn about Jesus & learn how to pray. Activities are split into age groups. We really welcome new discoverers!!                            Discoverers Leader: Margaret Riddell
For 11-16’s where we aim to look at what it means to build our lives on The Rock. We join in with the first 15/20 mins of the main service & then meet together in the Rock Room. We spend our time playing games, looking at the Bible, asking some BIG questions and generally having fun! There are also summer camps and social events.We always welcome new ‘Rockers’            Rock  Leader: Joan Kearney

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The Bible: The truth and nothing but


The Bible is the world’s number one best seller. At the same time it has been subject to a lot of controversy and criticism and many attempts to destroy it.

At seventeen, Voltaire stood in a crowded auditorium and said of Christ’s first disciples, “it took twelve ignorant fishermen to build Christianity, but I will show you how one Frenchman can destroy it.” He spent a lifetime trying to do that. Only 50 years after Voltaire’s death the Geneva Bible society used his printing press and his house to produce stacks of Bibles.

You might regard the Bible as outdated, boring and irrelevant. On Sunday the aim was to encourage you to see the Bible as the exciting, living word of God. To see it as God’s main way of communicating with us and the measuring stick by which we can weigh up other advice, teachings, faiths and feelings. It was also the aim to see that the Bible has the inherent power to change people’s lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Believing in one truth seems dumb and totally out of touch with the world around us, and it’s also seen as intolerant and politically incorrect, yet that’s exactly what Christian…

‘The Dangers of Gossip’

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