Judith Doram (Discipleship Leader)

Both my parents were Christians and my two older brothers became Christians before their late teens, perhaps unusually, my extended family were all Christians too and we all worshipped at the same Church! I was surrounded by parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, great-aunts & great-uncles plus cousins too. My father & an uncle were deacons and I never seemed to be free to be naughty like my friends! I gave my heart to Jesus as a child of 8 at a Children’s crusade and then rededicated my life to Him when I was 18yrs.

Many years have passed since then and many life experiences, some wonderful, some good and some definitely bad. I have been married twice; I have two grown-up children and one beautiful grandson who was born on Boxing day. My greatest interest is reading Christian books, some theology and some biographies; I also love secular fiction and non-fiction and my most favourite book is Pride & Prejudice. My favourite authors. apart from the classics are C.S. Lewis and Georgette Heyer. After that I love my computer and as my family & friends know, I really enjoy sending out funny, clever or outstanding photographic emails. My husband and I have a rescue Springer spaniel we have named, Henry, and he is a darling.

I have the responsibility for Discipleship and that includes organising discipleship courses from the early stages of being a Christian to any different needs as each person progresses. I do the baptismal and church membership courses and also help with sorting out people in House Groups. I have always loved to see & help people learn and move forward with God and reach their potential. I would want to keep on working within the Discipleship team when someone else becomes the Leader because it is my passion.