Steve Button (Children, Youth and Families Ministry Leader)


So, I became a Christian back in 1984 back when the old Christian Centre used to use the Albert Hall for meetings. My parents had both committed their lives to Christ back in the 70s and so from my teens on I’d been brought up in a Christian household, attended youth groups etc without committing myself. I think I always believed in Jesus, but he was someone in the background back in those days.

I was converted whilst at university and then went on a mission trip to Spain, but to tell the truth I think my faith was grounded on sand at that time and it wasn’t long before I drifted away from the Lord and wandered around Europe as a language teacher (or failed novelist!) for 15 years. I came back to Nottingham in 2006 – reluctantly – but it was a while before I found my way back to God in 2012 and he took me back once again!

I’ve always loved working with young people, as a teacher abroad I’d worked in schools and camps, and it’s great to see the young people coming in to QBC and growing in Christ. It’s a privilege to spend time with them and the great people who give their time and energy to work with them. In my spare time I love reading, playing the guitar and people-watching in cafes. And travelling whenever possible!